December 2012 – Conceiving the New World

I am a planetary numerologist with 40 years of experience in the ancient science of numerology. 2012 is one of the most powerful years in planetary history. MARCH 21, 2012 IS THE MOST POWERFUL DAY I HAVE EVER ANALYZED.
My numerological analysis of March 21st yielded the following interpretation: The destiny of this important conception date is LIGHT. Another scientific interpretation of this date is UNIVERSAL CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS MANIFESTING WORLDWIDE (2nd pinnacle). The capstone of this conception date is the 4th pinnacle that coincides exactly with its birth on December 21, 2012 which symbolizes “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.” On March 21st, we have the opportunity to magnify and project the powerful LIGHT of that day to manifest the most powerful energy of the LIGHT OF THE WORLD on December 21st.
According to the Mayan calendar, December 21st marks the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle. My scientific
analysis shows that the birth date of this new 26,000 year time period, DECEMBER 21ST HAS A HIGH POTENTIAL TO
BE VERY POSITIVE ON ALL LEVELS FOR THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. The question is how do we prepare for an
event as monumentally important as this date? The law of energy that mostly applies here is “as above, so below.”
We already know that nine months is the human time period between conception and birth. The ancients believed
the same principle applies to a planetary birth as important as December 21st. Exactly nine months prior is March 21st.
So, there is a 24 hour time window of opportunity on March 21st, to literally change the world. We do this by utilizing the power of prayer and thought projection on March 21st to ensure that the date of December 21st (as the beginning of a new 26,000 year time period) is positive on all world dimensions. I AM ENCOURAGING YOU TO PRAY WITH US ON MARCH 21ST. I’ve included a suggested prayer that you could use, or use any other prayer of your choice to manifest this vision of THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.
Each of us is a co-creator with the Supreme Creator to assist this planetary shift. We create by the nature of our thoughts, words and deeds. Every person has the capacity to help change the world. All it takes is intentional effort to manifest the world we desire. Each of us can, with proper intent and motivation, take responsibility for the nature and quality of our thoughts and the proper care of the earth over which we have stewardship. If each of us chooses to care for our fellow human beings who are less fortunate than ourselves in a spirit of philanthropy, we could collectively help eliminate suffering and want among the human family. These are realistic and achievable goals.
A simple daily regimen of meditation, prayer, and practical action in whatever form suits you – volunteerism, environmental activism, or other humanitarian endeavors – is all that is required to recreate the world. It does require discipline and the willingness to encourage others to do the same, for manifestation works best when the participants are great in number. Every person on the planet who responds to the inner desire to serve in some fashion is a part of this group of World Servers. The contribution of each person is very significant within the collective.
Our responsibility is to encourage as many planetary light servers to pray on March 21st and think as big as possible with positive thought projections to ensure that the birth date of our new 26,000 year time period (December 21st) is powerfully positive on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. All peoples of all religions and all nations will benefit from this birth of a new 26,000 year time period. If you share this planetary vision, please feel free to share this correspondence with your family and friends.   John Davis, Numerologist